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Scenario Paintball game players and producers. We used to produce the 24hr games at Triggertyme Paintball located in Columbia, SC. However, Uncle Sam had seen fit to relocate us to Europe. We had relocated again and were at Fort Hood, TX. We played scenario games at Tactical Paintball situated down in Harwood, TX right off of I-10 between Houston and San Antonio. It is a 120+ acre field, and they are adding new things all the time. If you are ever in TX, you should visit Tactical. It is definately worth it.

We have been relocated one more time. We are now back in Columbia, SC. We bought a house and are here permanently. FINALLY!! We don't produce scenario games anymore, however we do play them. Funny how when we met up with several of our old friends and the first thing they ask is "Hey you wanna produce games again?"

Some of our old games we produced at Triggertyme.
Titan IV -- May 2000
When Worlds Collide -- Nov. 2000 and Collide Graphic
Achilles Project -- Apr. 2001
Rebellion Nov. 2001
War in the Shadows -- Apr. 2002
The Untouchables -- May 2003
Operation Emerald Fire -- Nov. 2003
Big Red 1 -- Mar. 2004
Pendragon (link in main menu) -- Oct. 2004

Emerald Fire Scenario Pictures

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