Story Line Gang Information Key Characters
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Gang Name: Black Hands Gang
Gang Focus: Violence, violence, and more violence. The members of this gang appear to 
live for the violence they create.
Leader: Warchylde, a hot-blooded ganger with psychotic tendencies leads the gang 
with an iron fist.
Lieutenants: Virgil became Warchylde's sole lieutenant when he uncovered a plot by his
rival to eliminate the gang leader. Whether the plot was real or not is a point of some speculation within the gang, but never in Virgil's presence.
Uniform: Black leather vest with emblem on the back; black gloves, often studded, style 
is up to the ganger. Symbol: A black armored fist on a red background.
Operations: The gang has become the intelligence arm of the Alliance. They maintain 
dozens of street contacts and are adept at infiltrating sensitive sites. Once inside, the gang excels at finding any information useful to Blake and then makes sure he gets it.
Gang Name: Street Knights
Gang Focus: Speed.  This gang is full of adrenaline junkies looking for their next fix. The 
faster the action or more outrageous the stunt, the better.
Leader: Chrome lives for action. On the street he rarely leaves the seat of his bike. In a 
fight, he is fast and vicious, a whirlwind of death and destruction. He has even added blades to his boots to allow him to fight bike-to-bike, a technique which allow him to kill the previous leader in a duel to assume control of the gang.
Lieutenants: Grinder, a short man with a love of heavy vehicles, is Chrome's right hand man. 
He is an expert mechanic and talented driver. His van, the Beast, has seven kill markers for the people he has ground under his wheels. Kam, a monster of a man, doesn't seem to fit in to the gang at all. He has no real love of vehicles, but he has a talent for battle. Chrome trusts the big man's judgment and has appointed him as the gang's war boss.
Uniform: Dark blue pants and jacket; emblem prominently displayed.
Symbol: Silver knight's helmet with red plume.
Operations: The Street Knights are responsible for moving the Alliance's product. They are 
also experts at hijacking any shipments Blake wants "re-routed."
Gang Name: Youngbloods
Gang Focus: A love of the Gothic, bordering on religion.
Leader: Vladimir is the charismatic leader of this gang. He is fanatically loyal to Blake, 
often referring to the Alliance leader as his Lord.
Lieutenants: None. Vladimir's personality is such that the gang has no need of additional 
Uniform: Gothic vampire appearance, usually pale makeup and artificial fangs.
Symbol: Glowing eyes and vampire teeth on a black background, often painted on jackets 
or property.
Operations: The Youngbloods fascination with vampires lead them to be extremely dangerous. 
It is not uncommon for the gang to go on a rampage, killing dozen's of people to gather their blood for their rituals. This makes the gang a talented enforcement arm for the Alliance. Blake uses the gang when he wants to "send a message." Additionally, the gang provides a steady supply of fresh organs for wealthy clients.
Gang Name: Crusaders
Gang Focus: Originally formed for mutual protection, the gang has become a "band of 
brothers," each member willing to lay down their life for a fellow ganger.
Leader: Nightfire is a student of military science and history. His love of the subject has 
helped him to develop this gang into a disciplined group of warriors.
Lieutenants: Irish. As the son of a disabled veteran, Irish fit in perfectly to a gang patterned
after the military. Irish gathered a great deal of knowledge based on his father's experience and has put it to good use in the Crusaders. Travis, who always wanted to join the Army. After failing to make it in basic training, he returned home, wandering the streets. One day he witnessed a battle between rival gangs and one gang dressed in camo impressed him. They fought like a team, not a collection of individuals. Travis joined them and has since dedicated his life to his new-found family.
Uniform: Camouflage fatigues with red bandanas around arm or leg.
Symbol: None.
Operations: The Crusaders are purely enforcement arm. There is little finesse in their style; 
they prefer large well-coordinated assaults. Somewhat akin to swatting flies with a sledgehammer, the gang is deadly efficient.
Gang Name: Sentinels
Gang Focus: The members of this gang gathered to protect themselves from the chaos of daily 
life in the sprawl. They look to the gang to provide order in their lives.
Leader: Argent leads this gang like a business. He prefers to stay well-informed and make 
decisions only after careful consideration. He has become one of Blake's most trusted advisors because of this.
Lieutenants: Schaeffer is the hot-head of the gang. He is quick to respond to any perceived 
threat, often violently. He accepts Argent's leadership though and has become one of his biggest supporters since becoming war boss. Niko is Schaeffer's rival. Much more level-headed, Niko runs the normal operations and leaves war to those with the temperament for the job. Niko harbors a desire to lead the gang, but knows Schaeffer has ambitions also. Personality clashes between the two are common and only Argent keeps them from becoming violent.
Uniform: Black pants, biker boots, leather jacket with chains.
Symbol: A double bladed battle axe overlaid with a chain in the shape of the infinity 
Operations: The Sentinels control a distribution of the Alliance's funds, insuring that everyone 
gets their share. The gang also handles the business of collecting the protection payments from local businesses. Those that fail to pay, get a visit from some of Schaeffer's boys.
Story Line Gang Information Key Characters

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