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Team History

   Our team was named in 1998, although the team started earlier. Our Logo was designed specifically for us by one of Links friends, while he was at Drill SGT School in 99'. In 1997, Dave "Missing Link" Goldie and his stepson, David "Gravedigger" Campanelli, began playing scenario paintball at Wayne Dollack games with the Heavy Metal Warriors, out of Hinesville,GA. As a military family, they knew that they would move eventually. Link, and his wife Diana "Mystique" Goldie, settled on the name Phule's Gold for the family's scenario team. In 2000, Mystique moved from a support role to an active player. She played her first scenario at Wayne's World in December of that year.

   The team is now located in Lugoff, SC. Just 20 minutes from Columbia. We purchased our permanent home finally. The team was based in Columbia, SC, and used to play rec ball at Triggertyme Paintball, as well as traveling the South East to play scenarios. Link and Mystique also were the Scenario Directors for the field. When we lived in Copperas Cove, TX we played at Tactical Paintball in Harwood, TX. We maintain a Home Team status at Tactical.


Dave "Missing Link" Goldie
Age: 41
Gun: WGP Sniper, WGP Autococker, Phantom, A-5 although he owns many others.

   Link has been playing paintball since 1985. While in college at the Citadel, he formed the school's first paintball team, "Shadow Cav". Since joining the Army, he has played on several teams over the years. He married Diana in 1994, and introduced her and her sons to paintball. Tired of changing teams every few years, the two decided to form their family team. Link has played tournament paintball, but prefers scenario play. As the scenario director, he came up with the ideas for the games we produced.

Diana "Mystique" Goldie
Age: 44
Gun: 2000 Autococker, WGP Sniper, Autococker Trilogy

   Mystique became involved in paintball when she began dating Link in 1994. She stayed in a support role for Link's team until Mother's Day 2000, when she purchased a 2000 Autococker. She began playing rec ball and played her first scenario at "Battle for Earth" in Ocalla, FL that same year. She is also the webmaster for the team site and is the assistant scenario director. She designs the flyers and webpages for the games here on the Phule's Gold site.

David "Gravedigger" Campanelli
Age: 23
Gun: WGP Autococker, WGP Sniper, Diamond GT and others

   Digger started playing at age 8 at the Fort Campbell, KY paintball field. He has developed into a skilled player. He has played several scenarios over the years. Just never play mercy ball with him... you will lose! He is immune to the pain. He has gotten many compliments on his game. He currently still lives in TX with new wife and son. They will be playing soon!!

Zachary "Mayhem" Campbell
Age: 18
Gun: Trilogy Autococker, Tipman A-5 and Brass Eagle Raptor

   Mayhem has played a couple of games,starting at age 8. He was finally able to play his first scenario at Tactical Paintball in Harwood, TX. He injoyed it immensely. He has since played in 5 games at Tactical. He won the Sportsmanship award at Gears of War. Mayhem really enjoys MILSIM style paintball. He is now playing more scenarios here in the South East and loving every minute.

Alex "Khaos" Goldie
Age: 14
Gun: Tactical Trilogy Autococker, Spyder MR1 and Mini Mag Semi

   Khaos has been interested in paintball since he was 2 years old. He played his first ever game the weekend of November 15-16 2003. It was at a Toys for Tots "Santa vs Frosty" game in Dalton, Georgia. Alex turned 8 on the 16th. He was so excited. His first game and it was a 24 hour scenario. He even won a prize in the drawing as well as the "Young Guns" award.


Scenarios Attended

Sorted by team names we played under

Ocala, FL
Without Remorse
Area 51

New Milford, PA
Monty Python's Quest 2000

Hendersonville, NC

Ocala, FL
Millenium Paradox
Battle for Earth
Stars War
Stars War 2

Madison and Ludowici, GA
40 Thieves
Sea Lords
"Toys for Tots"-Dukes of Hazard
Rocky and Bullwinkle
Proxy War
Cross Roads

Dalton, GA
Red Dawn

Charleston and Columbia, SC
American Revolution
Wasteland Earth
Poncho Villa
Chosin Reservoir
Ia Drang

Dalton, GA
"Toys for Tots"-Santa versus Frosty

Harwood, TX
Tears of the Sun 07
Battle for Khe Sanh 07
Tactical Smackdown-Gears of War 07
Hunt for Bin Ladin 08
Back to Bataan 09

Ludowici, GA
Pirates vs Ninjas

Phules Gold: 
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