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Black Horse Security Black Horse Security Black Horse Security
Name: Colonel Kevin Hastings
Position: Battalion Commander
  Quiet and unassuming, Colonel Hastings looks very little like the picture of a mercenary commander. Serving several years in the US Army, Hastings became fed up with the political climate of the active military. After resigning his commission, he gathered several ex-soldiers into a "security force" and hired out to various agencies. Black Horse Security has since grown and become a well-known private firm specializing in embassy security and counter-terrorist operations. The Colonels' quiet command style and exceptional officers make the battalion one of the most effective mercenary units in history.
Name: Captain Robert Markham
Position: Commander, A Company
Respected, if not universally liked , by his command, Captain Markham rarely reveals his true feelings to his warriors. In private or in staff meetings, however, he is opinionated and outspoken, often voicing his views with vehemence. The performance of his company is testimony to his tactical brilliance. He has cheated death on several occasions, narrowly surviving assaults on his positions. In a battle, he can be found in the thick of the fighting, leading his company from the front.
Name: Captain Jason Wingate
Position: Commander, B Company
A man of quick temper and quick action, Captain Wingate is one of the most colorful and feared warriors in the unit. He has nicknamed his company "The Cavaliers" and often leads them on daring missions. He was severely injured a six months ago and only returned to duty in time to catch the unit's current contract, during which he returned to leading risky missions. There are widely whispered rumors that he may not live to retirement and that may be his plan.
Name: Captain Shane Fletcher
Position: Commander, C Company
The fiery Captain Fletcher is a flamboyant officer in the mold of the dashing cavalry commanders of antiquity. He lives fast and plays hard, a personality which suit's the unit well. Fletcher's company is often in the thick of things, expected to assault enemy strongpoints and other heavily defended positions. The Captain has been wounded three times, including nearly losing an arm in battle. His unit has repeatedly held exposed positions against incredible odds and has become the key to any plans developed by Colonel Hastings.
Name: Captain Jacob McDaniels
Position: Commander, D Company
Captain McDaniels entered the last contract as a sergeant in the unit. One night, a surprise attack by rebels wiped out the officers in the company while they were asleep on the officers' barracks. As the senior surviving member, he took charge and led the company through the battle. Given a battlefield commission, McDaniels has spent the last month of the current contract rebuilding his unit.
Name: Lieutenant Thomas Gray
Position: Commander, Gray's Scouts
Thomas Gray had just joined the unit when his wife and child were killed in an automobile crash. Since then, his focus has been on becoming the best warrior he can. He shows no interest in life outside the unit, even declining to spend off-duty time with his team. When not engaged in combat, he can often be found on the target range or engaging in unarmed combat practice. The training has made him an exceptional special operations leader but command has fears that he will burn out.
The Aliance

The Aliance

The Aliance
Name: Blake
Position: Leader of the Alliance
Blake got his start in street gangs in Stratford, eventually moving up to try his hand in the syndicates. When he failed to receive the recognition and reward he thought he deserved, he went back to his roots. A charismatic leader and careful planner, Blake met with each of the leaders of the five biggest gangs and then brought them together by showing how they could pull an easier profit working together. He knew that much of the illegal shipments into or out of Stratford ran through Crescent City, so he moved his operations there and set the Alliance up as the middle men in the smuggling industry in Stratford. With his shaved head and neatly trimmed mustache and goatee, Blake is an imposing figure. His long coat is plain with no logos to show affiliation to any one gang. His eyes, when they are not covered with sunglasses, seem to look right through a person, gauging their worth and searching for secrets. His quiet charisma have earned the unquestioning loyalty of the five gang leaders.
Name: Warchylde
Position: Black Hand leader
Warchylde leads the Black Hands with an iron fist. He is psychotic and revels in violence for its own sake. However, he is also extremely intelligent. He realizes the need for good information in an organization like the Alliance and has turned his gang into the intelligence arm of the group. When all else fails, Warchylde uses his love of violence to get the information he wants. He favors gauntlet-style gloves and has added studs for greater impact.
Name: Chrome
Position: Street Knights leader
Chrome has a love of all things automotive. If it has an engine, Chrome can fix it. Since taking over from the previous leader, whom he killed in a bike-mounted duel, Chrome has directed the Street Knights toward the goal of becoming the best at moving the shipments of the Alliance. Chrome has a fondness of fast, vicious battles. If he does not defeat his opponent quickly, Chrome will order a retreat to regroup and strike again.
Name: Vladimir
Position: Youngbloods leader
Vladimir has taken his love of the Gothic and turned it into a quasi-religion. Easily as charismatic as Blake, Vladimir's loyalty is unquestioned and complete. He has no desire to lead the Alliance and prefers to lead his band of followers. No one knows if Vladimir is his real name, but he has adopted the vampire appearance completely, going so far as to have dental attachments added to enhance his canine teeth.
Name: Nightfire
Position: Crusaders leader
The Crusaders' leader has built the gang into a small, disciplined army. Nightfire revels in the gang's position as the Alliance's enforcement arm. When they are not directly involved in some action for the Alliance, Nightfire actually has them executing "battle drills" of his own design. He has read extensively about the military and uses his gathered knowledge to further develop his "troops."
Name: Argent
Position: Sentinels leader
Argent has a business-like approach to gang life. He leads his gang like a small corporation, carefully weighing the pros and cons of a situation before committing. He is frequently the voice of reason in the war council meetings, constantly looking for the bottom line. He maintains good relations with Warchylde, relying on the gang leader's intelligence gathering to help him make sound decisions. Even with their strong association, Argent feels Warchylde is too hot-headed at times.
Story Line Gang Information Key Characters
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