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     It's 1928, the height of the Prohibition era. Alphonse "Scarface" Capone heads up the Chicago mob and is the most powerful man in the city. There is no elected or appointed power that is not openly corrupt. President Hoover has ordered an end to Capone's bootlegging operations,his primary money maker. Eliot Ness and a small team of agents have been working toward this goal for more than a year. "The Untouchables," as the media has dubbed them, have cost Capone's organization millions. Bribery has failed and now it is coming down to a war for dominance in Chicago.

    Join Federal Agents and Mobsters to see who will be the real power in Chicago.

When: May 3-4, 2003
Where: Triggertyme Paintball, 429 Koon Store Rd., Columbia, SC, 29203
Cost: $35 if entry is post marked prior to April 19, 2003.

    Pre-registration includes dinner meal on Saturday and breakfast meal on Sunday. After the pre-registration deadline, the cost is $45 and does not include meals.

    Fore more information, registration, waivers and rules, go to Triggertyme Paintball or call (803)748-1100 Monday-Friday 3pm-8pm or (803)786-4539 Saturday-Sunday 9am-5pm